Environmental protection.Our Group attaches great importance to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, enhances fine management, quantizes energy conservation and emission reduction, integrating the quantity of which into examining systems in key enterprises. Producers of our group intensify their efforts in technical updating. Paper producers strive to raise standards in environmental protection, probe biological energy resources to reduce energy consuming. Logistic enterprises make efforts to intensify the management in electricity and water saving, as well as low petrol consuming, and seek to develop green technologies.

Donations.We actively provided our supports in disaster areas caused by the 2009 snowstorm, the 2010's drought in Southern China as well as Yushu earthquake in Qinghai province. We took effective measures in the rescue and reconstruction after the May 12th Wenchuan earthquake to guarantee our staff's life and property safety. Our logistic enterprises provided emergent transportation aid to disaster areas. The subsidiary China Record Corporation competed with time to make a special album to encourage the people.

Care for People. Since 2005, through creating new positions, renewing contract by altering identities, transforming and redistributing, transferring to local insurance institutes, and establishing professional human resources management institutes etc., we appropriately redistribute and settle 14 700 staff in bankrupt and transforming central enterprises and settle and serve over 10 000 retired staff, protecting their rights and contributing to the construction of a harmonious society.

Supporting the Poor.Since June, 2005, our group intensifies our aid in Huayin County, Hunan province. We have donated over 3 million Yuan over the years, and have helped to bring in more than 10 million Yuan auxiliary capital of all kinds. We have done a considerably large amount of work in developing villages as a whole, through industrialized poverty stripping and leader communication and etc., and have won a high reputation among the folks and local government. We are honored by the leading group for the poverty relief of the State Council as "Advanced Unit for Poverty Relief".


"2009 Central Enterprises Outstanding Social Responsibility Practice Award" by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission "Enterprises' Outstanding Social Responsibility Price" in 1st and 2nd CSR Conference

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