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Zhu Bixin met with Russian Deputy Prime Minister in Moscow

The Group’s Headquarters     2017-11-30         

On December 28, the Group’s President Zhu Bixin met with Deputy Prime Minister of Russian Federation Yury Trutnev in Russian Federal Government Building in Moscow. The two sides held in-depth communication on investment and collaboration in Russian Far East region, especially the Khabarovsk pulp mill project. Chinese Minister to Russia Fan Xianrong, Counsellor Zhao Qiuyan, the Group’s Vice President Li Yousheng, Vice Minister for the Development of Russian Far East Krutikov attended the meeting.


Yury Trutnev extended his welcome to Zhu Bixin and the delegation, and noted that the Russian government gave top priority to China Chengtong’s investment in Khabarovsk pulp mill project. The Russian government would like to provide comprehensive support to the construction of the mill to build it a modern pulp production complex with international competitiveness.

Zhu Bixin expressed his gratitude to Russian government and Mr. Trutnev for their support and care over Chengtong’s development in Russia. He mentioned that this visit was to further implement relevant work arrangements instructed by both Chinese and Russian Prime Ministers when they met in early November. China Chengtong has attached great importance to its investment and development in Russian Far East, and thought highly of Khabarovsk pulp mill project. Zhu Bixin hoped that the Russian government and Deputy Prime Minister could provide strong support to the project to solve problems encountered in the process of pushing forward the project in order to promote cooperation and development between China and Russian Far East.


Witnessed by Trutnev, Zhu Bixin and Fan Xianrong, Chairman of China Paper Industry Huang Xin and General Manager of the Far East Investment and Export Promotion Bureau Petuhov signed the Memorandum of Understanding of Khabarovsk Pulp Mill Project. The two sides also reached a consensus and set up a working group led by the Russian government departments to carry out thorough implementation of investment conditions and policies.

Person in charge of Chengtong International, Chengtong Fund, the Group’s Department of Strategic Management, Ministry for Development of Russian Far East, Far East Investment and Export Promotion Bureau and Asian Division of the Russian Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs attended the meeting.

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