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Zhu Bixin visited HB’s Rotterdam project

The Group’s Headquarters     2017-11-30         

On November 23-24, the Group’s President Zhu Bixin visited the Rotterdam project of Henry Bath & Son Ltd. (HB), which is owned by CMST Development Co. Ltd. (CMST Development), and met with Ronald Paul, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Port of Rotterdam. The Group’s Vice President Li Yousheng and Chairman of CMST Development joined the visit.


In HB’s Rotterdam project, Zhu Bixin visited the cocoa, coffee and metal futures trading warehouse managed by HB, learned about the operation and management of the warehouse, and listened to the work report on the current status of development and management, business structure, human resources, competitive power and new business development by HB’s European management team. Zhu Bixin gave full recognition to achievements of HB’s European management team, and introduced the reform and development of China Chengtong and its development strategy as a state-owned capital operation company. Zhu Bixin pointed out that with regard to HB’s next stage development, it should collaborate with the domestic business of CMST Development; it should actively promote the business transformation in line with the market development; it should study the proportion of asset-light and asset-heavy by sticking to ‘asset-light strategy’; it should continue to do a good job in development in Europe; it should boost the confidence, manage well, control costs and improve efficiency. China Chengtong and CMST Development will play a more important role as major shareholders to support the development of HB.


At the Port of Rotterdam, Zhu Bixin met with its COO Ronald Paul, learned about the history of development, area distribution, operation and development priorities of Port of Rotterdam, and discussed the cooperation between the two sides in the future.

Person in charge of CMST Development, Chengtong Fund and the Group’s Department of Strategic Management participated in above-mentioned activities.

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