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Launching ceremony of Greenwood Phase II project held in Moscow

The Group’s Headquarters     2017-11-30         

On November 27, the launching ceremony of Chengtong International China Branded Goods Overseas Marketing Center in Moscow (Greenwood Phase II) was held in Greenwood Conference Centre. Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui, Minister Fan Xianrong, the Group’s President Zhu Bixin, Vice President Li Yousheng, Russian President’s Economic Adviser Sergey Glazyev, Vice President of Moscow State Government and Minister of Construction Firmin, Mayor of the Red City of Moscow State, Deputy General Manager of China Construction First Building (Group) Co. Ltd. (CSCEC) Wei Yan and other representatives from Chinese and Russian political, commercial, financial and media industries attended the launching ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by General Manager of Chengtong International Zhou Liqun.


In his speech, Ambassador Li Hui said that with the strong support from both the Chinese and Russian governments, after seven years’ development, Greenwood has become a modern international trade center and attracted more than 300 enterprises from more than ten countries. Greenwood has already provided 12,000 jobs for the local community and become a key taxpayer. Greenwood has developed into a famous brand in the bilateral economic and trade cooperation and played an irreplaceable role in economic and trade cooperation, investment promotion and two peoples’ communication. In the new era, Greenwood has initiated the construction of its Phase II project and opened a new journey of its own. Li Hui believed that Greenwood was able to practice the connection between ‘The Belt and Road’ and ‘Eurasian Economic Union’ through its own efforts and create a new growth point of economic and trade cooperation between China and Russia.

Zhu Bixin expressed his thanks to China Embassy in Russia, Russian Federation government, Moscow state government, and the community for their long-term support to the development of the Greenwood International Trade Center, and conveyed his appreciation to all Greenwood’s employees for their hard work. He pointed out that as China Chengtong’s subsidiary, Chengtong International has deeply rooted itself in Moscow for 20 years, and developed into the most influential Chinese enterprise in Russia. The Greenwood International Trade Center invested by Chengtong International is the largest Chinese brand marketing center and the public service platform for Chinese enterprises’ practice of ‘Go Global’ strategy in Russia, and helps increase the new trade volume between the two countries over two billion US dollars each year. In the future, Chengtong International will make full use of its advantages and make efforts in four strategic sections, which are ‘big logistics, big trade, big fund and big tourism culture’. At present, China and Russia are actively building up the China-Russia Industrial Cooperation and Development Fund.

On behalf of the Russian President, Mr. Glazyev congratulated on the launch of the Greenwood Phase II project. He pointed out that Greenwood has served as the main force and an important link of Chinese-Russian economic and trade cooperation, and the launch of Greenwood Phase II project mirrored the deepening of development between China and Russia in economic and trade cooperation. He wished China Chengtong a more prosperous growth in Russia.

Ivan Melnikov, the First Vice President of the State Duma of Russian Federation, sent a congratulatory message for the launch of Greenwood Phase II project. The congratulatory message read that China and Russia, as comprehensive strategic partners, were at the best time in history. Greenwood has played a unique role in promoting China-Russia economic and trade cooperation and investment. He wished Greenwood Phase II project open up a new chapter in China-Russia economic and trade cooperation and further consolidate the friendship between the two peoples.

 ‘China Branded Goods Overseas Marketing Center in Moscow’ (Greenwood Phase II) project covers an area of 5.7 hectares and the total construction area is over 130 thousand square meters, including hotel style apartments, property type hotels, supporting commercial centers, trade centers, E-commerce centers, helicopter apron and supporting facilities, as well as business centers, which expect to attract a total investment of RMB 1.3 billion. Greenwood Phase II project will further improve the Greenwood International Trade Center’s industrial structure and service function, build Chinese branded goods’ overseas marketing center, serve China’s ‘Go Global’ strategy, consolidate the influence of Chinese enterprises and Chinese commodities, and display Chinese national image in a better way. Greenwood will continue to play the role of public service platform in the two countries’ economic and trade cooperation, and accomplish major tasks entrusted by the state to make greater contributions to the development of bilateral economic and trade cooperation.

Prior to the launching ceremony, Zhu Bixin met with Ambassador Li Hui and Economic Adviser Sergey Glazyev

Person in charge of China Paper, Chengtong Fund and the Group’s Department of Strategic Management participated in above-mentioned activities.

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