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Zhu Bixin lectured on guiding principles from 19th CPC National Congress to Chengtong International Party members in 6th CPC National Congress site

The Group’s Headquarters     2017-11-28         

On November 26, the Group’s Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President Zhu Bixin visited the site of the 6th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Moscow with Chengtong International’s overseas staff, and held a special lecture on guiding principles from the 19th CPC National Congress on site. This special lecture was presided over by Li Yousheng, Vice President of the Group. All Party Committee Members of Chengtong International, all its overseas Party members and administrative staff joined the lecture.


Zhu Bixin delivered a speech entitled Hold high the banner of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and open a new chapter for China Chengtong’s reform and development, in combination with his own experience and reflection on studying the guiding principles from the 19th CPC National Congress. He elaborated on his talk from four aspects, namely earnestly studying new ideas and new strategy in the new era, deepening the reform of enterprises and enhancing the vitality of development, firmly sticking to the Party building work within enterprises, and working hard to thoroughly understand the guiding principles from the 19th CPC National Congress. Zhu Bixin called on all Party members to carry forward the fine traditions of CPC members being courageous and confident, to unite closely around the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, to champion the ‘Four Consciousnesses’ ( the consciousnesses of the ideology, the whole, the core and the line), to get armed with Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era to guide work and promote innovation and development, in order to achieve China Chengtong’s excellent overseas business performance and write a new chapter in China Chengtong’s reform and development.


Zhu Bixin demanded that Chengtong International should further enhance its Party building work, achieve a healthy coordination between Party building work and business development, strengthen the Party’s guiding role in state-owned enterprises’ development, bring into full play the role the Party plays as the core of leadership and core of politics, and ensure the smooth implementation of all requirements. Zhu Bixin required that the Party committee of Chengtong International should properly handle inherited problems from history and promote the reform and development. Zhu Bixin put forward seven demands on Chengtong International’s work: first, Chengtong International should earnestly study and understand the guiding principles from the 19th CPC National Congress in combination with Chengtong International’s specific circumstances of international manufaction and management, and reform and development; second, Chengtong International should take specific measures to properly carry out various work in order to complete all assignments and budget targets set for 2017; third, Chengtong International should strengthen the regulation and scientific management through the construction of institution, system and procedures; fourth, Chengtong International should increase the speed of clearing up problems caused by historical reasons, innovate its development cause and provide a healthy environment for the next stage development of Chengtong International; fifth, Chengtong International should strengthen its team building and mobilize the enthusiasm of its staff; sixth, Chengtong International should further its reform and development, ensure the reform measures are put in place, provide innovative ideas and improve the efficiency so as to further revitalize the assets; seventh, Chengtong International should pay attention to the work and life needs of its employees, and link the career of every employee with their contributions to the enterprise and the development of the enterprise.

The 6th CPC National Congress was held against the backdrop of the white terror, and was the only time the CPC National Congress was held overseas. In this Congress, it confirmed the CPC’s basic line of its next step development and played a positive role in the latter development of Chinese revolution. Before the lecture, Zhu Bixin and all Chengtong International’s overseas staff visited the site and was guided by Ma Xianjun, the Deputy Curator of the Permanent Exhibition Hall of the 6th CPC National Congress, and relived the important history of CPC which laid a significant foundation for CPC’s comprehensive governance of the country.

This special lecture was delivered in a unique form with great significance, which cleverly combined both theoretical knowledge and the practice of China Chengtong’s deepening of reform and Chengtong International’s current international business development, and initiated hot discussion among employees.

Person in charge of China Paper, Chengtong Fund and the Group’s Department of Strategic Management participated in above-mentioned activities.

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