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Zhu Bixin met with President of LAZARD Greater China Investment Banking

The Group’s Headquarters     2017-11-03         

On November 2, the Group’s President Zhu Bixin met with Yan Lan, President of LAZARD Greater China Investment Banking. The two sides held in-depth discussion on strengthening bilateral cooperation and promoting win-win development. The Group’s Secretary of the Board of Directors Miao Qinghua and President of the Shanghai Institute of International Finance Lu Hongjun attended the meeting.


Zhu Bixin extended his welcome to Yan Lan and the delegation. He introduced the positioning and direction of development of China Chengtong as the state-owned capital operating company, and the development of China Chengtong’s four business platforms, namely fund investment, equity management, asset management and financial services, and its overseas business layout. Zhu Bixin said that LAZARD was an internationally renowned investment bank with rich experience in cross-border restructuring and mergers and acquisitions. It is hoped that the two sides could strengthen communication and achieve pragmatic and effective cooperation in optimizing the layout of state-owned capital and promoting structural adjustment of state-owned enterprises.
Yan Lan introduced LAZARD’s history, its main business areas and major collaborating programmes in China. She stated that there was a big room for cooperation between LAZARD and China Chengtong’s four business platforms. She hoped that both sides could play their respective advantages and promote mutual benefits and win-win development whist supporting state-owned enterprises’ ‘go global’ strategy, reducing enterprises’ debt ratio and developing emerging industries.

Lu Hongjun said that China Chengtong was a central state-owned capital operation company, while LAZARD enjoyed rich experience in international investment banking field, thus the two sides are highly complementary with great potential for cooperation. Shanghai Institute of International Finance is willing to make a positive contribution to the international and domestic capital operation research, and promote the internationalization of Chinese enterprises through deepening cooperation.

Relevant personnel from the Group’s Department of Capital Operation, Department of Financial Management and LAZARD Greater China Investment Banking attended the meeting.

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