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CTS International held shareholders and directors meetings

The Group’s Headquarters     2017-10-30         

In the morning of October 27th, CTS International Logistics Corporation Limited (CTS International) announced the adjustment of its Party committee and management team. Zhu Bixin, the Group’s President attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The Group’s Vice President Xiang Hong presided over the meeting. The Group’s General Counsel Tang Guoliang, Deputy Chief Financial Officer Wang Youqian, relevant personnel from the Group’s departments, and staff from CTS International’s all-level management team attended the meeting.

According to the decision of the Group’s Party Committee, Sun Jin was appointed as Secretary of the Party Committee of CTS International, Chen Yu as Deputy Secretary of the Party committee; Chen Yu was appointed as General Manager of CTS International. Xiang Hong explained the adjustment of CTS International’s senior management team. Newly appointed Party Secretary Sun Jin and General Manager Chen Yu made statements respectively.


Zhu Bixin expressed his thanks to CTS International’s leaders over the history for achievements obtained in the past. He noted that the adjustment of CTS International’s management team was seriously made through full communication and repeated deliberation from the point of strengthening its team construction and focusing on its future reform and development. Zhu Bixin hoped that the newly-appointed General Manager and Party Secretary could work closely to take challenges, lead all team members to work diligently and achieve all CTS International’s set targets. Zhu Bixin put forward six requirements for CTS International’s new team: first, be confident in development and promote the sustainable development; second, adhere to market-oriented and professional management, and strengthen reform and innovation; third, adhere to the leadership of the Party, strengthen the Party construction, and study and implement the guiding principles from the 19th National Congress of CPC; fourth, improve the leadership ability; fifth, complete budgets set for 2017 and carefully plan for the 2018 budget and reform and development issues; sixth, improve risk management and ensure safety in production.


On the afternoon of October 27th, CTS International held its first provisional shareholders meeting of 2017 and the thirteenth meeting of the third board of directors. The provisional shareholders’ meeting deliberated and approved the election of the third board of directors, the third board of supervisors and other motions. The board of directors deliberated and approved the election of Zhu Bixin as the Chairman of CTS International, and the appointment of its senior management team.

The work of transferring CTS International’s controlling stake and registration from China National Travel Service (HK) Group Corporation to China Chengtong has been completed, which has laid a solid foundation for the healthy and sustainable development of CTS International and accumulated successful experience for China Chengtong as the state-owned capital operating company in terms of supporting state-owned enterprise and capital reform.

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