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Zhu Bixin visited Chengtong Metal Beijing Company

The Group’s Headquarters     2017-10-26         

On October 24, the Group’s President Zhu Bixin visited Chengtong Metal Beijing Company. Chengtong Metal’s Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager Sun Jin also joined the visit.


Zhu Bixin thoroughly learned Chengtong Metal Beijing Company’s overall planning of its plant area, inspected the steel operation area, production and processing workshop, recycling company and other key areas. In the forum held afterwards, Zhu Bixin listened to Chengtong Metal Beijing Company’s report on its history, development status, key work areas in 2017 and future development. Zhu Bixin fully recognised Chengtong Metal’s achievements in resolving historical issues, change of land nature, quality improvement and efficiency enhancement, reduction of the historical burden, and clarification of the property rights issues. For its next step work, Zhu Bixin put forward a few requirements: first, Chengtong Metal should improve its quality and enhance the efficiency in order to achieve economic growth and ensure the completion of this year’s budget targets; second, Chengtong Metal should seriously study measures helpful to revitalize its operation and make it profitable, in the meantime, make good use of stock resources and strive to maximize resource value; third, Chengtong Metal should ensure a stable workforce, provide more training opportunities and constantly improve the quality of its employees; fourth, Chengtong Metal should do a good job in Party building work, earnestly study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC; fifth, Chengtong Metal should attach great importance to production safety, and put safety system, warning signs, and elimination of potential danger in place in order to ensure 100% safe production.

Zhu Bixin also introduced great achievements China Chengtong has obtained since it became the pilot capital operating company, its future development plan and key areas for the next-stage work.

Chengtong Metal’s Deputy General Manager Guo Yujun, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Fan Yunsheng, and relevant personnel from the Group’s Office of the President joined the visit.

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